Saturday, August 25, 2007

My Next New Shoe - Brooks Adrenaline

Since the Kayano's were a bust for my toes, I returned to Fleet Feet for a shoe with a larger toe box. My Brooks Addictions worked well, so I went with another Brooks shoe, which has a similar toe box - the Brooks Adrenaline. It is a lighter shoe with a bit more cushioning than the Addictions.

I am going to take it for a test run tomorrow - we will see how it does. My toes have recovered from the other shoes - dark, matching toenails on each foot - but no pain (sigh)!


Susan said...

I have the exact same pair!

Maddy said...

I used to run in the Adrenaline. I loved them. I thought it might be the cause of my hip pain, and I was fitted a half size too small which resulted in loss of toenails. I have since moved on to the Nike Air Structure Triax+ 10.

Proving as much as I wanted to be brand loyal, it's hard to do when it comes to shoes and comfort.

I hope they work well for you.

Petraruns said...

I've still got a gross toenail from March but it's still on so I guess there's nothing a little polish won't hide.. Good luck - I seem to be buying bigger and bigger shoes over the years..

MarathonChris said...

My shoe size is definitely increasing as the years go on. Before I had kids I wore a size 7 and a half. Now I wear 8 and a half!