Sunday, August 12, 2007

10 More Miles in the Can

Well I guess I am not special when it comes to dealing with heat. Everyone is dealing with hot temperatures. It really can be draining.

After spending a full day at the Magic Kingdom yesterday (in the 97 deg F heat) and spending time with our visitors last night, I finally got to bed around 11:30 pm (half of my lack of sleep problem). For my 10 miler today, I needed to get up at 6 am (the other half of my lack of sleep). By the time I was out and running it was about 6:35 am, but I had everything I needed for the trip! It was not as warm as it has been some of the mornings lately, but by the time I was on the homestretch last .3 miles, it was plenty warm.

I must say, this is one of the best training long runs I have had. I set the Garmin alarm to go off every 6 minutes so I could run 5 min and walk 30 sec - 1 min. I decided I was going to need to take two walking breaks per mile if I was to follow the Galloway plan - actually for the pace I am planning I think it tells me I should run 4 walk 1. I have found that for my longer runs I am unable to sustain the pace I want with one walking break per mile. 10 miles is shorter than many of my long runs of late, but it was a good place to try out the theory.

The results were about as good as I could hope:

10.53 miles in 2:02:51 (11:39 pace)
AHR: 153 bpm (aerobic)

My goal for the marathon to break 5 hours is 11:37 min/mi. The key to lasting is to keep my pace down at the aerobic level. In spite of the warmth (at the finish of my run it was 80 deg F with 77% humidity - feels like 85 deg F), I almost hit my goal pace and did hit my heart rate pace!

I think that I will continue to work the two breaks per mile approach for my longer mid week run (which will be in the 8-10 mile range) to get myself used to the pace as well as for my long runs. My other mid-week runs will focus on tempo and turnover rate. I have shyed away from hill training because of the PF (which has never completely left me) but I may need to consider working this a bit in prep for the MCM.

Running Adventures podcast status: Almost completed - am going to try to get it out is hoping! :-)

Run strong everyone!


Maddy said...

I have no doubt you will break the five hour mark. - You were so close to your goal pace!

I'm headed to the Magic Kingdom tomorrow after my morning run.

Petraruns said...

You sound like you're right on track. I walked for a minute per mile in my long run yesterday and think it helped - my pace was much more consistent and I enjoyed the experience a lot more. There is something to this run-walking thing - particularly when it's hot! Lucky you re. the magic kingdom - not so lucky you with lack of sleep.. But well done on the long run, despite the lack of sleep.

Susan said...

Wow - excellent stats! I am super impressed. As for me, I am still tired. I think I have a bug.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey Chris, you looked really strong yesterday when Dave and I rode past you. Keep up the good work!!!