Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blog names

Ok, here are some candidates from Maddy:

"What's a Few Miles Amongst Friends?"
"Miles and Miles and Miles"

and one she made me think of

"Lots of Friends and Lots of Miles"

Let me know what your ideas are, or vote for one of these!

I will create the account tomorrow or Saturday. I will make an entirely new Google account so we can all access. Then I will email the info for our participants!! :-)


Susan said...

I like "What's A Few Miles Between Friends?"

I am excited to be part of this!

Maddy said...

I'm pretty sure that when you create a blog, you have the option to assign authors - give permission for posting.

This might be a better option because it the 'posted by' would have our own names.

Also one less username and password to remember.

petra duguid said...

Like Susan I also like "What's a few Miles between Friends?" and how's about adding "Running mates" to the list?

This is great!