Thursday, February 01, 2007

Two For the Price of One!

(My two daughters at Duck Lake in Yellowstone National Park - July 2005)

I am continuing my heel rest and just running with my daughter this week. Today was our scheduled run and so we ran the two laps around the block, about 1.43 miles, in 18:09 min. We did this running 1:30 and walking 1 min like we did on Tuesday. Again, it challenged my daughter but gave her plenty of walking breaks.

When we got back from our run, my younger daughter wanted to off we went one more time around the block. She and I ran 30 sec and walked 30 sec the entire way.

I got to run with them both this afternoon. What a treat!!

Heel report: Heel has been feeling pretty good. It was a little sore after the trips around the block so I am icing tonight. Before getting out of bed in the morning I have been massaging and stretching and it has made those first few steps much easier.


Maddy said...

How sweet! You got to spend some good quality alone time with your girls. Glad your heel is feeling somwhat better.

Is your decreased activity making you crazy?

MarathonChris said...

Yes, I really want to run more, but I am hoping that if I can slow it down for a bit now, i can run more later when it will be needed for the big races.

I am so enjoying the time with the girls!

Susan said...

Well I am jealous! You are so lucky - two aspiring runners at your side. That is just so awesome!