Tuesday, January 30, 2007

There is Always More To Learn

Based on the good advice from Terry , my own experience with my heel (which I was ignoring) and countless accounts online - I am going to slow down (ok, my husband does NOT believe me). On the running anyway. This week, I am only going to run the miles scheduled with my daughter. If I am feeling good I will do an easy 3 miles on Sunday. Then I go into a 3 day a week run schedule with out all those planned speed work days.

Unless the doctor tells me otherwise.

Today I made an appointment at the local Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine center. I am going to have an official review and diagnosis. My visit is next Monday. I am looking forward to dealing directly with this issue and training / racing pain free! (except of course for those really long runs which, well, always have pain).

I had a really nice run with my daughter today. We ran 1:30 min and walked 1 min for 1.4 miles. It was just enough to challenge her without wearing her out, and enough to get my heart rate up into an aerobic zone. Another nice thing about the runs lately - the temps have been in the 50s...very comfortable running weather.

Through this experience and also one I am also experiencing in my career, I am learning that sometimes slowing down is OKAY! I don't need to be going 100 miles per hour all the time, nor should I feel guilty (like a slacker) when I am not going 100 miles per hour. I always feel like I should be doing something. (sigh!)

That is one thing I love about life. There is always more to learn! :-)


Maddy said...

Sorry to hear you are still having pain. I hope the doctor will have a solution to ease it.

It's hard to slow down - try to enjoy it.

Susan said...

I agree 100% with Terry. Now you can heal AND train with your daughter all at the same time. Sounds like a blessing in disguise!