Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Who You've Become

(Sunset at Paynes Prairie Preserve near Gainesville, FL)

This morning I was talking with my husband about life in general and some lessons we have learned over the years. One was the idea I talked about in my blog entry about what the definition of success is (found here). I boiled it down to the simple phrase:

"It's not what you've done, it's who you've become."

It is not the accomplishments, it is who you have become as a person in the process of reaching them. It's not all the problems, it's who you have become when working through them.

So what does this have to do with running? Everything, since I think this lesson was driven home to me through my marathon training. I became a new person through my training for the marathon. I now know I can set goals that are out of my current, comfortable reach and achieve them. I can do it with anything in my life. Becoming a marathoner has given me the confidence to pursue anything in life, no matter how far fetched!

So the thought for today is to look back and see who you have become through your own running adventures (and otherwise)! Ponder it on your long run this week!


Kevin said...

What a great post! I totally agree and isn't it amazing that something like running can have this effect on our lives? Sucks not to be a runner!


Susan said...

EXCELLENT observations and advice!

Maddy said...

Isn't it amazing that it is so much more than "Pickin' 'em up and puttin' 'em down"?

Good thoughts - and something to think about!

Nigel Staffordshire said...

Nice one Chris !