Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Podcast Experiment Number 1

If you look down my blog page to the lower right hand side, you will see a feed button that takes you to my test podcast. Don't get excited - I say nothing interesting (kind of a "test, test, test 1-2-3" kind of file).

But if I have done this right you should be able to click that link and find the Podbean site where I have my podcast files. From there you can subscribe to the RSS feed.

I still don't understand it all, but here is what I did:

1. Made audio file with my iRiver.
2. Downloaded said file using the iRiver Manager, moving the mpeg file to my hard drive.
3. Converted the file to mpg using Audacity. This creates the 128 bit stream so I don't sound like Mickey Mouse.
4. Upload the file to Podbean.
5. Publish via Podbean.

Now to get the link on my blog I created an account in Feedburner. There I publish my RSS feed from Podbean and was able to create the button and link that resides on my blog.

Whew! Still more playing to do but this has all been kinds of fun.

Outside of the technical stuff, I have been working on the format and content for the podshow. What do you think of a run cast to discuss running topics where the topics would be more about the female, non-competitive runner (since I happen to know something about that), working mom type of thing. I may include conversations while running with my daughter, or maybe interviews with some of the mom's I meet when they drop their kids off at school and then go for a run. I thought I would include an interesting quote of the day with some commentary, and then maybe discuss other blogs and podcasts.

Target time for podcast would be about 15 min. The name of the podcast is simply "Running Adventures." It was shorter than my full blog name.

Anyway, tell me if you think this would be of interest to anyone! :-) I am open to your ideas!


Kevin said...

Hey Chris,
I was able to press 1 button and subscribe to your feed in iTunes. Very easy! It downloaded 2 files and they both sounded great. Good quality.
Very cool..


IrishBlue said...

Chris, I'll try downloading these to my iTunes.

Susan said...

I think that format sounds PERFECT (the woman/mom angle). GO FOR IT!!!! You have my support!