Saturday, February 10, 2007

Smile Mile Kids Run Race Report

Today was a nice, cool and sunny morning - around 55-60 degrees F as I played spectator to my two daughters who ran the local Smile Mile race. Unlike the kids fun runs, the participants register and get unique race numbers. My older daughter was number 91 and the younger was number 92.

The kids run this one mile race with their age groups. It begins with 11 year old boys, then 11 year old girls, then 10 year old boys, and so forth. I had an 11 year old girl and a 7 year old girl. So the first ran at 8:15 and the second at 10:15. Fortunately the race organizers sponsor games in the field to keep the runners busy before and after their race.

The 11 year old was up first. Last year she did the race in about 11:48 min while helping a fellow runner who had fallen and was hurt. She helped the girl find a grown up. This is the daughter who has been training with me for the 5K. She took her running watch along, planning to take timed walking breaks. She crossed the finish line in 10:26 min, a PR!!!

The 7 year old didn't run for another 2 hours, but her turn came up and at the sound of the horn she was off. We met her after the first quarter mile or so - she took off a bit fast so she was walking, but still doing ok. The older daughter met her along the back side of the course to encourage her during a stretch she thought was tough for her. Dad ran her part of the last quarter mile, and she approached the finish line with mom jumping up and down and cheering. She cross the finish line right at 12 minutes. I don't recall her time last year, but she did a great job.

After the finish, I went back to find my 11 year old skipping in with one of the late finishers from the 7 year old race. I told her it was time to leave, and she complained that she needed to help encourage the runners who were behind to hang in there and come in (a very proud mommy moment!).

Both finishers received a medal and a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie for their efforts. We all had a wonderful time.

Mom the spectator forgot the camera (how stupid is that?!) but took some pictures after we got home.


Maddy said...

It sounds like you have been a great role model.

I think it's exciting that your girls are into running.

You should be proud!

Susan said...

WOW! Race directors everywhere should give chocolate chip cookies!!! :)

This sounds like the best day ever. It sound slike you have two little runners there. I am proud! You must have been in runner mom heaven!

Kevin said...

How cool is it that your girls are loving to run like Mom??

I ran the Peachtree 10k with my twin boys years ago and it was the best day ever!

Aren't kids the best? I think I'll have another. ;-)


MarathonChris said...

I was a wonderful day! Fortunately the race organizers had a camera on site. They are still uploading photos but they got a good shot of the older daughter - so my lack of camera is not a total loss.

I hope the girls stick with the running (or any form of exercise). I am trying to keep it fun!

David said...

I stopped by the Smile Mile races with my two dogs. Those races always put a smile on my face too. I love seeing the kids getting hooked on running. Congrats to you and the girls. Well earned cookies.

IrishBlue said...

How awesome your girls run! My daughter ran with me some last summer and I'm hoping to get her out again this spring. I'll have to look for a fun race we can do together.