Monday, January 22, 2007

Elliptical and Workout

Monday is one of my strength training days. All I needed to do before the weights was warm up, so I used the elliptical machine to give the ole heel a break. After a 12 minute warm up, I did upper body strength training and a few stretches.

Overall, a good workout.

Tomorrow....a 3 miler. Maybe I'll do 4. Going to work to keep it in the aerobic zone again.

I feel like such a slacker....with such low miles. But that is what is on the 10K training schedule. I am going to keep my long runs a little longer - probably in the 7-9 mile range. I would hate to lose all that conditioning! :-)

1 comment:

Susan said...

Follow that schedule, girlfriend!

I know it's hard. I was thinking about my upcoming 5K schedule - what long run? Eek - I'll croak!