Thursday, January 11, 2007

My first post marathon run

Today I took my first run since the marathon. My body was just "aching" to run - it was time to get out there!

Without knowing how I would feel, I decided to do 3 or 4 miles. I was going to go easy the whole way and just savor the run, much like my 4 mile pre-marathon run. In many ways, this was just as glorious. It was partly cloudy and a little breezy, but the chill from the morning dew was gone (this was a lunchtime run).

The only real pain that I felt was in my right quad, which ached a bit as I ran. It wasn't extremely painful, and I was hoping that perhaps I could run out some of the achiness. The achiness never really went away, and by the time I turned around after 2 miles I was ready to come home.

Besides the one leg, the rest of me felt great. My heel did well - with just a minor ache after the run was over. My starting heart rate was at 63 bpm and stayed in the 140's almost the entire time. My heart rate climbed into the 150's and up to 163 only as I sped up for the second half of the 4th mile. It was a very easy going run - where I ran a mile and walked a minute. The split times:

Mile 1: 11:52 (first mile does not have a walking break)
Mile 2: 12:36
Mile 3: 12:45
Mile 4: 11:54

Total: 49:09 min
Pace: 12:16 min/mile
Avg heart rate: 143 bpm

What made this run so great was the time I got to think about the extraordinary world I was running in. What was extraordinary today? Was it the white bird that was sitting on the brick wall that took off flying across the road in front of me? Or was it the kids playing on the playground at the elementary school? As I watched the kids, I imagined that they were the next generation of people who will be running the world. They will be the doctors, teachers, engineers (and runners) that we will see creating new things and running our planet in a few years. THAT is extraordinary!!! For now, the most important thing for them to do is play on the playground.

I will take a break tomorrow and try a run on Sat or Sunday. My goal is to run a 5 mile long run this weekend. I want to ease back into running again. I will be going farther soon enough.


Maddy said...

Four miles - Piece of cake after 26.2


Susan said...

I'm getting runner's high just reading that!

I'm surprised you're back at it so quickly. After my last half I took three weeks off, per a statement/advice by Steve Runner. I plan to do the same after my marathon. I almost went stir crazy last time, but I tried to do other things.

You go girl!

marathonchris44 said...

Per the Galloway book on Marathons, he recommends that you get out there just 2 days after the race, if only for a mile and if you have to walk. His thought is that moving around helps to work the blood through the muscles to speed recovery. But I am no expert.

I figure it this way - if I was running 3 days after a 24 miler, why not after the marathon (since I ran them very similarly)? I will let my body tell me. The right thigh thing bothered me a bit, so I am going to wait until Sun to run again and if it is still sore, I will probably take a bit more time off.

marathonchris44 said...

I should probably also mention that I am slated to run a 5K next weekend (on the 20th). Probably won't be a PR but should be fun!

ShirleyPerly said...

You sound like you are recovering well! Doing some easy exercise a couple days after a marathon to get one's circulation going usually does help with recovery. It doesn't have to be running though. Personally, I like doing some easy cycling, swimming/pool jogging or just walking.

Take it easy at Seasons 52. I'll try to look for you when I'm there.