Thursday, January 25, 2007

Treadmill and Weights Day

Today called for a short run (3 miles) and strength training. Expecting it to rain all day, I brought my gear for an indoor treadmill run. By the time I was ready to work out, the rain had stopped. However, my thin Florida blood showed through - it was about 48 deg F outside. All I had were shorts and a sleeveless shirt - so I opted for the tread mill. If I had long sleeves with me, I might have gone outside. Ah well, next time I will be prepared.

The treadmill was not so bad. I walked for a couple of minutes, ran for over 30 minutes (without walking breaks!) and then did a cool down walk for a quarter mile (just over 4 min). A summary:

2:22 min walking
32:20 min running
4:40 min walking (cool down)

I ran much of the time at a 10:54 min/mi pace, with portions at 10:00 min/mi pace and finished at 9:30 and 9:05 min/mi pace during last quarter mile.

It felt great, and my heart rate was good. For the run my average heart rate was 151 bpm and the high was 168 bpm - a nice aerobic pace.

I didn't incline the treadmill - the last time I did that it put too much stress on my plantar fascia.

Afterwards I did some lower body strength training, crunches, pushups and finished up with some good stretching.

It was a great workout. Tomorrow morning is normally a rest day but it is my daughter's 15 min run day, so we will be up in the chill of the morning (forecast 43 deg F) to run our mile. A great way to start a Friday!

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