Friday, November 07, 2008

SARnR Marathon Forecast - Sunny or Rainy?

The marathon is 10 days away, which means I can start monitoring the extended forecast for weather on race day in San Antonio.

On the forecast is for 60% chance of showers the night before with temps down to 49 deg F. On the day of the race, 30% chance of showers with high of 73 deg F.

On the forecast is for clear skies the night before with a low of 51 deg F. On the day of the race, sunny with a high of 70 deg F that will feel like 68 deg.

I think I will take Accuweather's version.

It is still early to know for sure - but in general, the temps will be nice in the morning but will warm up later. With a 7:30 am start time, I won't finish until 12:30 pm at the will probably feel pretty warm. Rain might help....

I will know later this week what to pack, but it looks like warm weather gear is going to be the choice. With 50's in the morning, I will still need a toss off jacket or garbage bag (those $1 rain ponchos work great) to stay warm before the race begins.

More marathon planning to come this week!

Running has been good this week. After Sunday's "lesson" I took it easy on Tuesday and still managed a 10:39 min/mi pace for a 4.5 miler. Wed I ran 6 miles with hubby, running 5 min and walking 1 - average pace was around 11:30 min/mi. We finished a 10K distance in about 1 hour 11 min. On Thursday I did 4.6 miles, relaxed but strong pace, in 47:50...a 10:30 min/mi pace. I ran 12 minutes and walked 30 seconds - somewhat simulating running the marathon and walking through the water stops.

Saturday I run 4 and on Sunday I run 8 miles. For my Sunday run I will shoot for marathon pace and approach - marathon pace being 11:15 min/mi. I will try the run 12 min walk 30 sec approach again - at a slower pace :-)

I am experiencing the typical taper induced "I feel like a slacker" feeling about my running and miles - but it is all good. My mid week runs are comfortable and pretty easy. I am beginning to get really excited!!


lizzie lee said...

I wish you luck with the weather...I am predicting mine: RAIN AND COLD!!!!!!

Maddy said...

I hope the weather holds out of you! The 10 predictors for Chicago couldn't have been more wrong, so be sure to check back daily!

I'm so excited for you! I'm prediciting you finish with a new PR! Your training has gone so well!

Susan said...

Oh wow! I had forgotten that you'll be in San Antonio. You ARE going to meet up with Marathon Chris, right?

Susan said...

Please excuse my idiocy! Obviously, I thought I was somewhere else. DUH!I blame pregnancy...

Petraruns said...

You sound just like where you should be at this point in the proceedings.. Ready, waiting and anticipating. Get through the next 10 days, spend your time off from running planning and strategising and then shoot out of the starting blocks!