Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Lagging Race Video

I shot just one short video during the marathon last mile 21. I wish I had done more...but you know how it is when you are focused on just finishing! :-)



Rural Runner E said...

The fact that you shot video at all during a marathon is impressive to me. Could not even imagine attempting this.

Susan said...

I enjoyed the video, in spite of the fact that you were struggling a bit. I felt like I was there, and I wish I could have been there to encourage you!

Tammy said...

I loved see the short video clip of the marathon at mile 21.. Way to go!!! I wish I was there as well.

ShirleyPerly said...

Unbelievable you were able to shoot any video during your race, let alone talk. Thanks for the clip and hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Definitely cannot see myself able to film during a marathon. On another topic, I am running my first OUC half marathon next Saturday at Lake Eola. Have you done this one before? Any comments or suggestions about the race?