Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not the Way I was Planning it

Short update on my San Antonio experience.

Late Thursday / Early Friday a little post nasal drip started to bother me.

Friday night - bigger post nasal drip kept waking me up.

Saturday - cold in chest, lost my voice completely, feeling crappy.

Race is tomorrow!

I can't believe I get sick the day before the race!!! Geez....

I was going to do live updates on Twitterfone, but I have no voice. Which also prevents me from recording on my iRiver for a podcast. I guess live audio was not meant to be.

I hit the drug store and I am attacking this thing. I skipped the pasta party with the TNT folks (my friend is TNT) and stayed at the hotel for a fish and rice dinner (my usual pre race meal). I wasn't really hungry but I knew I needed to eat.

We went to the expo today and walked around for quite a while. I ended up buying an Amphipod with and extra pocket that fits my digital camera. Well, if I can't talk, I can at least take good pictures! I also got a running hat and t-shirt.

I even got a chance to meet the Star Wars Runner at the race expo. I didn't call Marathon Girl because, well, I couldn't really talk. Any talking I did was strained. Sorry MarathonGirl! Perhaps we can meet up at OUC.

I will post pictures later this week - I am feeling a bit puny and need to get ready for tomorrow. I am modifying my goals. Without knowing how ill I may be in the morning, my goal is to go easy and enjoy the race.

If you want to track me, you can check out live race results at My bib number is 20097.


ShirleyPerly said...

Bad timing! I hope you're going to be well enough to run tomorrow. Beware of the possible dehydration side effects of cold meds and as hard as it may be to do, esp. when sick, try to get in an ice bath after the race. Before doing so, crank up the heat in your hotel room and have something hot to drink nearby. Good luck!!!

Alisa said...

Hope the run is going well. I just clicked on the livetrack link. You're doing awesome! You must have kicked that cold in the booty!

lizzie lee said...

I am sorry to hear.. I hope it doesn't interfere much with your Marathon race...

Susan said...

I thought of you as we were driving home from the mountains today. I just looked up your results and it looks like your ill feelings didn't keep you too down! Good job. Now get well!!!!

Gordon said...

When I read your post, I kept thinking that all was going badly before the race, BUT you'd probably have a GREAT race because of it!

Cannot wait to read the race report.