Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mini-Adventure Episode 2 - Running Around Providence

Time for another mini-adventure (podcast). This one features a run I took while on a business trip to Providence, RI the week of April 13th. The weather was sunny and cool.

Although direction and hill challenged, I managed 5 miles.

Music is, once again, Michael Mucklow’s Pipe’s Canyon Sunset. I have decided that the mini-adventures will only be 6 and a half minutes long with this song in the background.



Tammy said...

Yep the weather in the Northeast has been very cool, believe it or not they say it will reach in some parts here in the upper 30's LOL. Although running in 60 degree weather is just perfect. Enough to keep they body temperture down and not too cold. (I'm spoiled)Thanks for the tip on the Podcasts beats, they help alot.

Susan said...

I'm glad you survived the hills! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday I'll get an iPod and be able to listen to your podcasts.

I'm going to try running - I've never been able to manage more than a few seconds of jogging before my heart feels like it will explode. And I bike 8 miles a day to school and back.

My shoes aren't the best but hopefully ok to start, and it's hot as Hades out here in the desert - even at 7 PM - so wish me luck! I'll be following your blog now for inspiration.

MarathonChris said...

To anonymous - thanks for the comment. You can listen to the podcast using the player on my blog or going to http://marathonchris.podbean.com/ where it is hosted.

As for running - start out slow, even if in the beginning you just walk. I started with running 30 sec and walking 30 sec. And after walking 30 sec you aren't ready to run, you walk some more. Over time, running becomes easier.

And in the desert, you will probably have to resort to running before sun up....if you look up some local running sites you might find folks who do that.

Best wishes!!! :-) Keep me posted!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the advice. I tried it tonight - did better than expected (guess 4 miles biking uphill to school for nearly 2 years helped some eh?). I miss FL - no hills there hehehe.

I HURT now - with my fused back I find running extremely jarring. I think it is my abysmal posture and my 20 extra pounds.

I'll try to keep at this. Thank you for your advice and inspiration.

PS: check your email :P

Rural Runner E said...

Thanks for the wonderful comments you left on my blog. I sure hope that your running and your podcast are going well. Keep up the wonderful work.

ShirleyPerly said...

Hmm, didn't know that RI was so hilly. I think the one and only marathon in RI is in Providence. Glad you had a chance to run there!

Andreya said...

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