Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Running in Columbia, MD

Something on the running path around Centennial Lake Today's running adventure was to Centennial Park for a run around the lake. Naturally I lost my way....extending a 2.5 mile run to 4.3 miles. Trying out the use of my cell phone as a more mobile reporting device (left the camera home this trip) I took a few pics and a short video. Overall a nice run in cooler climes!


lizzie lee said...

My favorite reporter!!! I am glad you lost your way... Almost double!!!

I will not say to you anymore "Keep running", I would say:

Keep Reporting!!!
lizzie lee

PS: Some probabilities of changing plans on July, so we still may meet... I am crossing the fingers!!!

Maddy said...

I loved the video report!

And impressive mileage for a Tuesday! It can be fun to lose your way!

Susan said...

I really like your video updates!