Monday, September 04, 2006

Even a bad run is better than not running

After the 15K on Sat, I gave my heel a rest Sun. It ached the day of the race and I iced it on and off all day. That seemed to do the trick because the next day, it hardly ached at all and I didn't have to ice it. But I gave it a day off for recovery and figured I would try a run the following day (today), maybe just 4 miles to take it easy.

The alarm seemed to go off much too early once again this morning, but knowing what I know about how I would feel if I didn't run, I got myself up and out the door. That is the hardest part. I felt a bit on the crappy side this morning, so I knew the first couple of miles would probably be hardest. This run was no different. I almost felt like my legs couldn't remember how to relax and run, at least for the beginning. But as I approached the 2 mile mark, I felt good enough to push it out to 2.5 and make it a 5 miler this morning. I got my last mile under 11 min, as usual and finished out at 57:28, an 11:30 pace. Not too bad. In the end, I felt pretty good, still a bit crappy, but good after the run.

So I guess the title of this blog is not exactly right. I didn't have a bad run this morning. But on a scale of 1-10 for how I feel, 1 for really bad and 10 for great, this morning I am a 6 or 7. But I am glad I ran. Glad I got that mileage in to log. That makes 342 miles to date this year, with 5 of my planned 29 miles done for this week. That is better than not running!

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