Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Already planning my 2nd marathon

I am just getting into the heavy training for my very first marathon, and I am already eyeing another marathon for next year. Premature? Perhaps, but I am having such a good time prepping for this one, why not? I have a few friends who are interested in doing their first marathon next year, so I figure I will join them - as someone who has just been there. Besides, we are talking about the Marine Corps Marathon, and that one looks really exciting. 34,000 runners through some of the most visited places in our nation's capital.

It was pretty hot at lunchtime today when I did a 4 mile run. I was itching to run today since I sat out the previous two days because of a sore heel and calf. I was supposed to run yesterday but after the 14 miles I did on Sun I figured I would give the heel and calf and extra day's rest. Today's run went well, with some soreness after. I am going to run 7 tomorrow morning, and I imagine my heel will complain, but the weather is supposed to be wonderful - a cool and less humid 65 degrees. I think I know the source of my heel issue and I am going to try something to see if it helps.

I have an easier week ahead. This weekend I have a shorter long run - before I go into the next few harder weeks. I am feeling great!

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