Saturday, July 26, 2008

Marathoner - I Do 26.2

I have one of these license plate frames on my car: Marathoner - I Do 26.2. I bought it after I finished my first marathon.

Tonight we went out to eat, and as we came out to the car, 4 people were standing around behind the car, looking down at it and shaking their heads. We were wondering, "What are they looking at?" "Did someone damage the car?"

Expecting to see some horrid damage to the car, we approached the vehicle. One couple walked off to their car. The other owned the car parked next to ours. They looked and said, "We couldn't believe how anyone could run 26.2 miles." My husband piped up and said, "We ran the Disney Marathon together in January. And this coming January we are running the Goofy - running 13.1 miles on Saturday and then 26.2 miles on Sunday."

The man in the car said, "Wow, that is quite an accomplishment, congratulations! And good luck! I could never do that."

Then my husband said, "Sure you could. I was out of shape last year and trained and ran the race. You could do it, you just need 6 months."

Tomorrow, I do 9. Let's hope I can finish that!! :-)


Maddy said...

You and your husband may have inspired a new runner!

That's awesome!

Susan said...