Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back on the Road in Seattle

At the advice of a hotel employee, I headed down to the pier area to run and see if I could find the park he showed me on the Seattle map - Myrtle Edwards Park. I was not disappointed! After you run through that park you run along the water through Elliott Bay Park which has a pedestrian trail and a separate biking trail. I did 2.3 miles north to the end of the park, then back. I was going to try to run back up to Pike's Market via the stairs at Pike Street but when I began to run up the stairs I realized I didn't have the energy to keep running (I had just completed over 4.5 miles) so I stopped the Garmin there. Still, 4.7 easy miles in about 57 min and change - not too shabby.

I think I found my running place for the week! :-) As I ran, I wondered if Lizzie Lee has run down here. Too bad she is also on business travel back east!

Hopefully I will have more Seattle adventures to share before I go home.


Tammy said...

That Seattle park looks beautiful. Must be so much fun running in different places. Hopefully I will be there someday. Great run since taking some time off.

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm sure that weather is great for running! I wish that conference had been a week later so I could have gone too, but just coming back from Montana and having to turn around to go to Seattle was just too much traveling for me. Enjoy your time there. Like that bongo drumming in the background of your second video.

Susan said...

Looks great! You have motivated me to take my camera with me next time and do a recording as I am out on the roads of my neighborhood.

IrishBlue said...

The park looks great. Having new scenery when you run is the best, isn't it?