Thursday, June 12, 2008

Micro Blogging Instead of Blogger

When Maddy, Adam and I were running the other night, Maddy noted that with Twitter, we seem to blog less. It seems that we are keeping up with each other much more continuously - and don't see the need to the frequent blog entries.

Then I realized that there are a number of folks who don't Twitter.

In addition, some interesting stuff can be lost in the 240 character limit.

So here is to blogging!!!

On the running front - I got 3 runs in this week. The first run was with Maddy and Adam. After the first 3 mile lap, I wimped out of doing a second lap and we settled in for some smoothies and good company.

The last two runs were early in the morning. Getting up early (once again) is a tough adjustment for my late night self, but necessary. It isn't so much the heat in the late day...I can handle the temps at 7 pm. But it is the late day, unpredictable thunderstorms that can literally put a damper on the running. Rather than risk missing a run, it is better to get up early.

During my morning runs, I get to see an entirely different set of runners on my Lockwood route. I got a chance to hook up with a local neighborhood runner named Joan. Joan runs with her dog every day for about 6 miles. When we see each other we stop and chat. She is 56 and running strong but doesn't run in any races. She is out there because she loves it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday is my rest day before running both Sat and Sun.


Maddy said...

Make no mistake... I do love my blog. So there is no plan to give it up.

It was great to see you on Monday.

The early morning is a better option becuase of the unpredictable storms.

Have a great rest day tomorrow.

Susan said...

I agree about the blogging. I am not a Twitter. I don't follow anyone's!

ShirleyPerly said...

Great that you guys were able to get together for another run!

I agree that mornings are probably better for getting runs in. Glad there are others out along your route. Safety in numbers.

Tammy said...

I love my blog, it keeps me totally motivated and all the suggestions and comments I get from folks. I haven't tried twitter? I have to take a look at it. I love mornings to run. It's the coolest part of the day since it's gotten warmer up here finally. I usually see the same people run, but I don't always get out the same time every day. But it's always nice to see a familuar face. I'm gonna have to get up mad early to do my runs during the week (I always see a few of my neighbors early in the morning (5:30 - 6:00 am) , because of the kids being out of school. It will be a challenge. LOL 5 a.m. runs will be tricky.

lizzie lee said...

Ok... What is Twitter??? No fair... keep blogging and reporting...

Good news, my July trip to DC was postponed for 2 weeks for the 28th, meaning I will be in Seattle the week of the 16th. So, please, let me know your travel arrangements, hotel, so we can join for a run... We can do a couple of laps to Green Lake (2.8 inner loop) which is wonderful, and have some places around to have juice, or coffee, after running, or we can run by Lake Washington. Don't know, everything depends on where you'll be.

let me know... and Don't even think on stop blogging....