Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Tinkoff 1000 is in The Bag (as is my 20 miler)

Early this year, Adam Tinkoff, better known as the Zen Runner, inspired a number of folks to set 1000 miles as a goal for this year. Personally the most I had ever run in a year was in 2006 when training for the Disney World Marathon. I managed to finish around 800 miles. So 1000 seemed like a good goal to go for - and looked like good community fun!

I started the year with the Disney World Marathon the first week of January - that gave me a good head start on my 1000 mile goal. However, in February when I sought physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis, I ended up taking 4 weeks off from running.

During the rest of the year I focused more on preparing for my races rather than the 1000. I figured it would come if I trained as planned for the Marine Corps Marathon and the 2008 Disney World Marathon. And so, here I am - passing the 1000 mile mark on my last 20 miler run for the year. I have completed nearly 1007 miles.

Today's 20 miler was a really tough run. In anticipation of the temptation to stop early, I planned a route that did not return near my house until the very end - to get home I would have to complete the run :-). The initial miles were not very encouraging either. After 6 or 7 miles, I was beginning to feel it - too early for such a long run. But the early miles were not the easiest. In addition to the uphill climb from mile 2 to 4, I was running into the wind - forecast to be around 18-20 mph. I felt better at 10 miles just last week. But I was going to tough it out.

At about 9 miles in as I was about to make a water stop at my office, I ran into Shirley's husband Dave who was out for a bike ride. He was not looking forward to the run back toward his house, since the wind had been at his back during the first part of his ride.

At about mile 12 I was feeling the familiar soreness in the feet, but my legs were starting to feel sore as well. By mile 15, I was really feeling quite done, but was determined to get a full 20 miles in, so I settled into my mental push.

About 17 miles in, I got a little bit of a second wind. I was feeling good that I was headed toward my house now, and that the run would soon be over. Everything was hurting and I was ready to be done.

On the last .1 mile down my street, I ran a comfortable, fast pace to finish up the run. 20.27 miles in 4:11:21 - a 12:24 min/mile pace with an AHR of 157. Overall I am very pleased. All my miles were under 13 min/mile.

Now it's time to put my feet up and address some Christmas cards!!!!


Adam said...

May I be the first to congratulate you on reaching your goals and inspiring us all. Chris you are truly a star. Burn bright.

IrishBlue said...

Chris, Congrats on reaching the 1000 mile mark. You've had a great running year. You should be very proud of yourself!!

PLANET3RRY said...

Congratulations! What a great inspiration for everyone!

Susan said...

I think those stats look GREAT! And I super proud of you for pushing through it all. The winds here today were AWFUL and it was 36 degrees out there -- not fun.

I think somehow my mental ability to push through has improved.

1007 miles -- you are a rock star! I have 10.9 more miles to go to make my 900.

ShirleyPerly said...

CONGRATS on reaching the 1000 milestone!! And great job on the 20-miler too! You are sure to have deposited some valuable mental training in your bank dealing with all that wind and the long run demons. Enjoy your well-earned taper.

Maddy said...

Way to go! Very impressive milage! And way to stick tough for the 20 miler!

lizzie lee said...

Hi Chris, sorry I haven't written for a while. I am in Thailand with my beautiful daughter very busy laying on the beach for 10 days!!! so internet was not a priority... ,Very excited to hear of your 1000 miles....!!!! I planned on running here but being barefeet was way more appealing...

Have a very Merry Christmas and keep running!!!!!!


Cheryl said...

WOW - Great job, Congrats on both the 1000 miles and the 20 miler. I'm getting ready to do my first 16 miler this weekend, I hope I can keep my pace and AHR around what yours was for your 20 miler!

I also like the way you mapped out your route, so you would have to do the entire 20! Once again - Great job!