Friday, December 07, 2007

Still Ramping Up for Me!

As I watch a number of you ramping down your running for the year, I am slightly jealous and would like to ramp down with you. However, I still have a few running things to get done over the next few weeks.

1 - The Reindeer Run - this 5K is tomorrow. One of my goals this year was to break 30 minutes in a 5K. Although this is a fun run, I am going to use my Garmin to measure my progress. Because my calf was not doing so great after OUC, I waited until this morning to go for a run. It felt pretty good - but began to feel a little tight when I tried to speed up. My cunning plan: get to the race early enough to warm up well, lots of Icy Hot, and in the event I start to feel anything strange, back off and just enjoy the fun run.

2 - The Tinkoff 1000 - Not discussed too much lately, I am about 40 miles away from completing this goal - so I think I am going to make it! I have reduced my mileage with some of the issues with my calf - but I should make it before the end of the year.

3 - The Walt Disney World Marathon - This race is coming up on Jan 13th which I am hoping to run with my husband. He continues to struggle with foot issues which may cause him not to run it this year. I have just over 5 weeks left for the race and with that a few 15+ milers and a 20+ miler before tapering down. I am still hoping for busting 5 hours. One disadvantage of this race is that you are peaking out during the holidays. Ah well, maybe that is an advantage to stay ahead of all that consumed holiday cheer.

After Disney, time to take a break from training. I have been training pretty steady since May...I am ready for a break!! :-) Although the first thing I will be doing after the Disney Marathon is sign up for the 2009 Goofy Race and a Half. Sign up starts the day after the marathon, and the Goofy spots fill up fast.

Tomorrow - I will post a Reindeer Run race report!!! :-)


Petraruns said...

Can't wait for your race report. In the meantime hope you have a great race ahead and I am very impressed with your schedule - you have lots going on! You'll be very ready for a break on January 14th... Keep going for now though - you're so nearly there..

Susan said...

Good luck! I hope you can be as speedy as you want.

960 miles -- whoa baby! I will clap so loud you'll be able to hear it in Florida when you pass the 1000 mile marker!

I agree; a rest would be good. You're not going to know what to do with yourself!

Training straight through the holidays last year nipped the holiday gain in the bud for me. A good thing!

Maddy said...

I'm looking forward to the race report! I wish I could have been there to run it with you this morning - there is jsut too much going on!!! Ahhh the holidays...

By January 14th, you will have earned a much deserved slow down!

The Goofy is going to be great! I'm looking forward to it!