Friday, July 20, 2007

Watch What You Ask For

I have been languishing a bit at work, waiting for the start of a new project that is now nearly 4 months late in award. Although we are working to prepare for the project start, I have still been feeling like I don't have a real mission.

So I did what any good employee would do - I talked to my boss and volunteered to help out with any other initiatives that could use a hand.

Within a day, I was volunteered to travel to San Diego to help a team with a proposal. I needed to leave within the next day or so and stay through the end of next week.

And I was just getting back into the groove of my training too.

Actually, I can really help this team out, and I haven't been out to San Diego in a while, so in that respect, I think it is a good trip. I guess the quick decision to go (they really wanted me to travel today - and I got the email at 9 pm last night) caught me a little off guard. I was able to delay the travel until Sat morning - giving me some time to prepare and do a bit of the stuff I had planned to do around the house this weekend.

Given that, I am going to pack up my podcast files and try to publish the next Running Adventures while on the road. This should be interesting :-) I have been wondering how I am going to do that 16 miler on Sunday. I can't imagine spending over 3 hours on a treadmill. Perhaps I can find a place by the Harbor to run safely.

So, I am taking this road on the show for a bit...


Maddy said...

A while back Adam ran in San Diego, maybe you can reach out to him for some ideas on where to run...

Have a safe trip. And even though business travel is never as glamourous as we think it will be, have fun.

Susan said...

This should be very interesting! I can't wait to hear about it all.

Amy said...

Work does seem to trip up our good intentions. Hope it works out for you!