Sunday, July 15, 2007

The 16 Miler That Wasn't

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My spirit was willing, at least until around mile 6, but my body was weak.

I rolled out of bed at 5:40 am to hit the road at 6. I was a little late getting started but not too bad. I felt good at the start and not so tired like I had felt getting up the previous 2 mornings. Still, by mile 2 my heart rate was already 158. I knew it was going to be tough going. At mile 3 I took my Clif Shot - knowing that I was going to need them more often today than my usual every 4 miles. At mile 4, I noticed my mile splits were coming in kind of high - over 12 min/mile. Still, I was geared up for a long run.

Around mile 5 I was getting the feeling that the run may be cut short, and by mile 6 I knew that it was likely to be only 8 miles. At mile 7 I was having a hard time just finishing up the run and ran it in for 8 miles.

8 miles out of a planned 16 mile run. Only half.

I unloaded the Camelbak and found some relief. I had cinched it pretty tight around my waist to keep it from shifting. I wondered if this had constricted me and thought briefly about heading back out for a bit more - but that did not change the fact that my stomach did not feel well, my legs felt like lead, and I felt just plain tired.

Was it the lack of sleep (got to bed a little late - around 11:30 pm)? Readjusting to a normal schedule after vacation (I was not back into a rhythm)? Trying a new gel (I tried a new one - Hammer Gel before I started - then switched to Clif Shots. I hated the taste of the Hammer Gel)?

Or was I just weak today?

My splits:

Mile 1: 10:48 (typical since I don't walk in the 1st mile)
Mile 2: 11:38 (my target pace)
Mile 3: 12:08 (a little slow but ok)
Mile 4: 12:34 (a bit too slow)
Mile 5: 12:01 (better)
Mile 6: 12:37 (getting tired)
Mile 7: 12:54 (taking a Clif shot)
Mile 8: 12:25 (done)

Today I was the bug (verses the windshield). There is always tomorrow.

We will give it another go next week.


Adam said...

Don't get hung up on your practice, just do it again. Great job Chris.

Susan said...

You are RIGHT. There is always tomorrow. My only words are: IT HAPPENS.

Maddy said...

No Worries! Eight miles is much better than none at all.

We all have runs like that. And if I had not been on an out and back course on Saturday, I might have cut mine short too.

One thing you didn't mention, It has been soooooo hot! Maybe you were dragging in the heat (compared to the cool PA air).

I think you still did great!

ShirleyPerly said...

I also often am not "normal" the day after traveling. Probably a combo of jet lag, weird food, weird hours and what not. Hope things go better on your next long run!