Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back, Up and Running

Well, it was a whirl wind week in the Poconos this past week. My daughters and I had a wonderful visit with my mom and also with a couple of my sisters as well. No relief from the Florida heat was found, as the temperatures early last week topped 95 degrees. A day at Camelbeach helped to cool us a bit on Monday.

Wednesday is the only day I was able to get in a run. The winding, narrow country roads near my mom's house are not really safe for running, so I elected to run through her trailer park. I took my first "lap" on the gravel road and when I got back to my starting point, I had traveled 0.31 miles. I am sure the neighbors thought I was nuts as I ran back and forth about 8 times or so. Since the road was at a bit of an incline, I got a quasi hill workout. To finish I ran up a steep hill to the mailboxes just before you exit the park. I did 3.01 miles in 33:40.

Overall, it was a very good trip. I had a great visit with my mom. I have to admit, it is tough to watch her sometimes. She ends up gasping for air just from walking across the room. I can't imagine what it is like to fight for every breath.

16 long miles ahead tomorrow. Hopefully I can get an early start so I can finish before the heat really kicks in. The forecast calls 75 deg F and 90% humidity at 6 am - 81 deg F with 77% humidity at 9 am.


Rural Runner E said...

Sometimes it is just as good for the body, the mind, and the soul to take a mini-break from running and add in some family cross-training time --> like a visit with MOM.

Good luck with the 16 miler, and I am wishing you, your children, and your mother all the best.

Susan said...

I'm glad you got the chance to visit!

ShirleyPerly said...

Glad you and the girls were able to spend some time with your mom. Sorry to hear no respite from the heat!