Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh my aching Plantar!

I tried to pretend that it wasn't there, but yes, my plantar issue has returned, particularly in my right foot. I know what I need to do, and now I finally need to do it!

Since being freed from the shackles of physical therapy on my calf muscle, I have reverted to my old familiar routine of getting up in the morning and running. I have not improved my cross training, strength training OR even my stretching. My plantar is making me pay!!!

So, time to rethink and replan the training. I need to find a way to MAKE TIME to hit the gym and get that cross training in along with some strength training. I also need to get some of the exercises into my routine that I learned in my plantar and calf PT experiences. It is so much easier to run out the front door in the morning. This will be tricky - it is looking like an after work stop at the gym.

On the "kill two birds" front, I am looking for an app or tool that will read .pdf files to me so I can listen while I run. Something that doesn't sound like a robot reading. If I can listen while I am working out I can make progress on the research and regain that time back at home.

Another 8 miler this week - heel was already sore from all the standing I was doing at my daughter's robotic event yesterday. Even massaging the foot last night didn't make it feel any better post run today. Still, a good run! Pushing it up to 10 miles next weekend :-). I am targeting the Swamphouse Half with an eye on the Winter Park Road Race (10K).


Petraruns said...

That ole crosstraining thing - we're all terrible for not doing it until we need to!

Hope you can keep your plantar at bay by intervening now!

Susan said...

You really, really set a wonderful example of a mother doing it all and managing to do it all well. You can do this! :)

MarathonChris said...

Thanks :-) I know I can get past this (have done it before). I scheduled it in - let's see how it goes this week!

lizzie lee said...

I hope you get better. The therapist that did Graston for my ITB, told me he's treated plantar fasciitis and in 1 or 2 sessions is gone. Graston was very effective for me for the ITB.


MarathonChris said...

@lizzie I hadn't heard of Graston for PF - though my PT used a Graston scraping on my calf muscle during my therapy. I was not a pleasant feeling (I think I would have liked massage better!) but I healed quick. I need to check into this more with my PF. Thanks!