Monday, February 01, 2010

2010 Running Goals

With Disney behind me and 2009 in the books, it is time to look forward to 2010 goals.

I was sharing with Maddy as we ran the Disney half marathon that I didn’t want to run Boston unless I qualified. I also told her that my best shot at a BQ was to live long enough and still be running until I can qualify.

My sub-5 hr marathon at Disney is a BQ if I was 70 years old.

For my age group of 45 – 49, I would need to hit 4 hours to qualify for Boston. That would be a 9:11 min/mi pace. Now I am not saying that it is impossible for me to run a sub 4 hour race. I probably couldn’t do it training the same way I do right now.

Let me be clear, a BQ is NOT a 2010 goal for me. This year’s achievable goal is to work on my speed and get faster. Instead, I think I will target running a 5K (or even a 10K) at a BQ pace. At 9:11 min/mi pace that would be a 28:32 5K. Now that is something I can shoot for!

My plan is to work on speed during the spring running season, and then begin to build endurance during the summer. I am hoping to consult my unofficial running coach ShirleyPerly to get advice on training for these goals. I am considering weight training and possibly some cross training (swimming during the summer months). I have already added a tempo run or intervals once a week. My target race for a PR this spring is the Winter Park Road Race in March. I think I have a good shot at breaking my 1:03:57 PR. I have about 5 weeks left to train – and I am feeling recovered from Disney. My target race for a BQ paced 5K is probably the Autumn Rock n Run 5K.

After WPRR, my training for the fall will depend on which races I decide I will run. I am currently not planning on a fall marathon. I will focus on better times for the Miracle Mile 15K in Sept and the UCF 5 Miler in October. I am also planning on running the Inaugural Wine and Dine Half Marathon at Disney on October 2nd . My husband and I are going to run it as a team (one runs 5.1 miles the other runs 8 miles). And unlike the Disney marathon races where I get up at 2 am for a 5:40 am start, this race starts at 10 pm - meaning we won't be finishing until after midnight! Then we join the party at Epcot and crash at a Disney hotel!

I also plan on being the co-captain for my Corporate 5K team for our April race and to volunteer for the Kids House 5K in May and one other race during the year.

Target races:

Race 1-3: Disney Dopey – Jan. 9-11 (DONE!)
Race 4: Husky Trot 5K – Feb 6 – benefits my daughter’s HS
Race 5: Winter Park Road Race (10K) – March 13 – Going for a PR
Race 6: Wounded Warrior 5K – April 10 - great cause!
Race 7: Corporate 5K – April 15 - Co-captain company team
Race 8: Run for Water (UCF) 6K – April 18 – Water for Haiti and in my backyard
Race 9: Jim Payne Blue Ribbon Run 5K – May 15 - I may just volunteer for this one
Race 10: Autumn Rock n Run 5K – Sept - May go for my 5K at BQ pace here
Race 11: Miracle Mile 15K - Sept
Race 12: Wine and Dine Half Marathon – Oct 2 – new race, running with hubby
Race 13: UCF 5 Miler & 2 Mile – Oct 9
Race 14: OUC Half Marathon – Early Dec - warm up race for Disney Marathon 2011 and possible PR

So in summary:

1. Run faster this year: A 5K at BQ pace (9:11) for my age group.
2. PR for the 10K distance.
3. Volunteer for at least 2 races and coordinate my corporate 5K team.

2010 is going to be a great year!!!


lizzie lee said...

Pretty cool.... I am with you. I think the only way I can get a BQ is "to live long enough and still be running until I can qualify."...

The speed training I had last year was very fruitful as it took me from 29:01 to a 27:27 5K. If you are interested let me know.

Susan said...

That is a quite a list! As for the Boston thing.... I call your plan"Baby Steps to Boston!" I like the idea of doing a 5K at that pace. I may pick that goal, also!

MarathonChris said...

Susan - I like your name for the plan... :-) Baby Steps to Boston. Maybe I will call it Operation BStB for short!

Mark said...

Hi Chris,
Congratulations on your marathon PR. I also completed the Goofy this year.

As for getting faster, what has worked for me is including tempo runs and intervals in my weekly training. Hill workouts are also great for building speed.

I like your idea of setting a goal of runing a 5K at your BQ pace.

Best wishes. Mark (from NY)

ShirleyPerly said...

There are many roads to running marathons faster and I think for you staying injury-free and running consistently is a big one. I love the idea of running a 5K at your BQ pace, and than a 10K. I'm sure you can do it.

Let me know when is good for you to meet for lunch!

MarathonChris said...

Mark - now if I can just find a hill around here... :-) Shirley tells me that the parking garages on campus may be a good substitute, as long as the traffic isn't too bad!

Petraruns said...

Great goals! And don't ever tell yourself you can't BQ - I remember thinking that two years ago and here I am training for it. And I don't think anyone else though I could do it either - I just wasn't fast enough. But working on your speed for increasing distances simply works. So your baby steps to Boston ARE the way to go. GO Chris - what a great year ahead!

misszippy said...

Looks like a great schedule and I think you have a great attitude about Boston. I hope you get there one of these days.