Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Adventures

This year for Thanksgiving our family decided to do our own kind of adventuring. Since it was going to be just the 4 of us at home, we decided to do some Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) adventuring through the world of Greyhawk.

Our merry band consisted of two elven Ranger/Druids, a Drow elf turned good Ranger/Thief and a Dwarven Fighter/Cleric (that would be mine). We traveled through the land of Grewhawk killing Hobgoblins, snakes, wolves, bears and Frost Giants.

As with anyone, adventurers need to eat, so for our Thanksgiving meal we had Rats on a Stick, Mini-Goblin Burgers, Bear Steak, and various veggies. The Pixie Bone snacks didn't turn out so well but we found some good Sweet Potato and Pumpkin Pie to feast on.

We had a great time....and no one died! :-)

On the running front, I wasn't able to get out on Wednesday because of late night homework on Tuesday night, however, on Thanksgiving morning I did my own kind of Turkey Trot and trotted 8 miles. Today I ran another 5 miles. This weekend I am scaling back to run 6/12 miles in preparation for next week's OUC Half Marathon where I am hoping to run a PR (current half marathon PR is 2:20). My training has been going really well and things are looking good for the half marathon. My 8 miler was completed at a 10:30 min/mi pace - which is all I need next week to run sub-2:20.

After next week's half, I ramp up one more time before tapering for the Dopey 42.1 mile weekend at Walt Disney World's Marathon Weekend (5K on Fri, half marathon Sat and full marathon on Sun). Even with the half marathon on Sat, I think I am ready to break the 5 hour barrier in the full marathon this year.

Hope you all had a marvelous Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the many running adventures I have experienced and that I get to share them with all of you!


lizzie lee said...

Chris, how wonderful that you are able to do the full mileage on Disney's weekend. I don't think I can ever do that. How do you train for that? I am running this weekend Seattle half and by chance my goal is your current PR. I initially had 2:15 but Seattle is very hilly, so I think 2:20 is more realistic, IF I can do 2:20. To be honest with you I have no idea on where I stand today in this distance!!!

take care and "see" you down the road!!

Susan said...

Adventure, indeed! Good luck to you in all upcoming races, speedy! said...

Oh my god, there's a lot of effective material in this post!