Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Halloween Queen and Anniversary Return to Epcot

My Halloween Medieval Queen!

Halloween for our family was nearly a non-affair. Normally we decorate the yard and have a scary Halloween Knight greet the Trick-o-Treaters, but this year we were at a marching contest with our oldest daughter. So, to make sure my younger daughter didn't miss out completely, I took her to the mall where she competed in a costume contest. Although she didn't win, we had a great time!

Return to Epcot to Celebrate our 19th Anniversary at the International Food and Wine Festival

The following day, my husband and I (sans children), spent the day at the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. It was our first visit back to Epcot since completing the Disney World Marathon back in January (such memories!!!). We had an incredible time walking around "the World" and enjoying food and wine from France, Japan, Ireland, South Africa....2 laps around the world and, well, you are one happy individual!!!

Life is an Adventure....Bring it on!


Susan said...

19 years - WOW! Congrats!

And what a beautiful queen!

Real estate in Toronto said...

Hi. Sounds great. Few years ago I was on similar festival here in Toronto. It was more like a private party, everyone had to bring few bottles of wine from different parts of the world and also prepare national food from that country. I tasted amazing meals I had never eaten or heard before and the wine was delicious too. It would be good to experience it again.

Take care,

ShirleyPerly said...

Great costume!

One of these days I need to go to Epcot for something other than a race. I have only run through it and think I am obviously missing something.

Marathon Maritza said...

She looks beautiful, what a great costume!

And happy belated anniversary!!! 19 years is wonderful and amazing...may I be as lucky as you in love! :)

lizzie lee said...

Happy Thanksgiving...