Sunday, March 08, 2009

Running San Diego

Sunset at Del Mar Beach near Torrey Pines State Park, San Diego

Although it was just a short trip to San Diego, I fit a run in one afternoon after our meetings concluded. The hotel staff (Hilton Torrey Pines) told me I could run north and into the Torrey Pines State Park - the beach was about 2.5 miles away down hill.

Hmmmm, I would then have to run up hill to return.

The hotel people also told me that sunset was around 6:30 pm so if I got going around 5:30 or so, I could be back before it got dark.

It was a bit chilly for me to start and my Garmin seemed to take FOREVER to find satellite...but after a mile I was thankful that I was in short sleeves and shorts. It was a nice easy run down to the beach. The downward slope of the run wasn't so bad until I got to the last half mile where it got particularly steep. I could tell that it was NOT going to be a lot of fun coming back. But, I took it as a challenge for the trip back to try to run all the way up the hill without stopping.

The beach was just gorgeous and the sun set while I was starting my run back. Here is a short video is hard to hear but you can see the view I had while running near the beach.

I had 2.5 miles back to the hotel and with the sun setting, I needed to get moving so up the hill I went. I did a pretty good job running up hill - but my calves let me know that they were not going to let me forget this run for a few days! I took one short walking break on the way up shown in this next video.

I had enough light from dusk to run back to the hotel and arrive just as it was really getting dark. 5.07 miles in 59:57 - total elevation change over the 2.5 mile trek was 1120 ft. Most of the uphill run was in mile 4 which I ran in just over 14 minutes. Overall, another great San Diego run!


Susan said...

How beautiful! Gosh, I want to go there right now!

Way to tackle the hill. And, for that matter, way to squeeze in a run during a busy business trip! I really enjoy the video updates.

Alisa said...

Great job! I heart San Diego!!!!!!!

nylisa said...

That's just a gorgeous run, even with the hill!

Maddy said...

Very Nice. I wonder if that's the mean hill that's part of the last mile of a half marathon they have out there, maybe the Del Mar Half?

I'm headed out there next week. I hope I can figure out a place to run from my new hotel. Sadly, I'm not that close to the beach.

ShirleyPerly said...

I know exactly where you ran and, yes, that hill is tough! Way to get up it and snag some nice sunset photos as well.

Marathon Maritza said...

Beautiful run! I love that Torrey Pines area! :)

Irish Blue said...

I've never been to San Diego, so I'm totally jealous. Way to get in a run too.

PLANET3RRY said...

I've been to San Diego once and ran down by the water...

glad that you are able to enjoy the time away from home with a run or two.