Thursday, August 07, 2008

Running for a Cause: Run for the Fallen

Beginning on 6/14/2008 a campaign called Run for the Fallen was started. I heard about it on an episode of the Phedippedations podcast. There is a group of runners that are running across the United States - 1 mile for every soldier fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. To join in the spirit of this run, I added a challenge to the Nike Runner+ system - a challenge to run the same number of miles as the Run for the Challenge group. The response has been incredible!

There are currently 46 runners participating, and each week a few more join in. Last week we were just under 3500 miles - but this week the team has run a total of 5015 miles. There are still 2 weeks left to go! The Run for the Fallen runners were planning on running just over 4080 miles - we have already gone beyond that.

Check out their website! You can participate by running 1 mile on August 24th - the last day of the run. You can even download a runner's bib for the event!

Feel free to join the Runner+ challenge or join on the Run for the Fallen site for the 1 mile on the 24th.


Susan said...

What a great idea!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, thanks for reminding me to update my miles!

Yes, great idea. I only wish the Nike+ site could somehow download my runs from Buckeye so I didn't have to enter it twice. Oh well ...

Tammy said...

Sounds like fun oo maybe I can do a group thing here :D. I'm in for a mile.