Sunday, August 03, 2008

iRiver Located and 12 Miles DONE!

Yummy Salad Shared with Fellow Runner Rachel!

This week has been a mixed bag of training. After a full week last week I was hoping to continue, even while on business travel to McLean, VA. But travel really threw off my running.

After taking Monday off, I ran 3 miles with my hubby Jim on Tuesday. He currently trains to run 1 min and walk 1 min. I use the run as an interval session and run a bit faster in between the walk breaks. I really enjoyed running with Jim - gives us lots of time to just catch up on things.

Tuesday night I was not feeling well and wasn't able to get up early to run on Wed. I traveled to VA Wed evening and thought to run but by the time I got in it was too late. Perhaps a run in the morning?

Meanwhile I had been Twittering with fellow runner Rachel who lived in the area. She wanted to get together for a Thursday I put the run off for later in the day. As the day went on, we found something better to do on Thursday night. We saw Ultramarathon Man - Dean Karnazes story about running his 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days! What an inspiration!

So not much running....but a good movie!!

Friday is supposed to be a rest day, but I thought I might try to get a short run in after my flight got in to Florida. Instead, I skipped the run in favor of dinner with Jim and a plan to run my scheduled Sat morning run.

Saturday's 4 miler was really tough! My heart rate at the start was 98...about 20 bpm higher than normal. I struggled to keep it low and did lots of walking...but got the run done. I hoped that Sunday would be like last week - tough run Sat followed by good long run on Sun.

And that is how it pretty much happened. Although my heart rate was about 90 at the start, it stayed nice and low, below 160, for the first 4 miles or so. After 8 miles I stopped at the house to see if Jim wanted to run the last 3-4 miles with me - but he was having foot issues so I headed back out for the last 4 miles. They were not easy miles since it was already after 8 am and the sun was well into the sky, but even with my heart working hard, the run went well. Finished 12 miles at a 13:15 pace - 2 hours 40 min. I also found my iRiver and took it along on the run today. Maybe I can sneak out a mini-adventure this week!

Now to get a few things around the house done. Feet are a bit sore...a sign I am getting into the longer run territory! The end of week 3 of marathon training for San Antonio as well as the end of week 2 of the 100 pushup challenge!


ShirleyPerly said...

Glad today's run turned out to be better than yesterday's. You didn't look like you were struggling much when we saw you, though. That salad looks GREAT!

Tammy said...

Sounds like a good run, good to feel like a great work out. I did my first ever 10.5 mile run yesterday yipeee. I didn't enjoy the trail part running but, the shade was nice. The salad looks so yummy. I love salad :D. I hope you enjoyed it, keep up the great work, try a 200 push up challenge :D. (secret sets sets sets)( is that 100 a day???? ,)LOL

Susan said...

That salad looks amazing! :)

I really loved the movie. I'm glad you got to share it with a fellow runner!

Petraruns said...

Well done for sticking with it - and how to reward yourself, that just looks delicious!

I still remember a podcast you did some time ago where you were referring to the difference between a ZenRun and what was it? Whatever the other kind of run is where you really are all body and slogging through the miles. I often think of you when I'm having one of those and it just keeps me going to know I'm not alone. So I'm returning the favour here - neither are you!

Jade Lady said...

Yummy salad! And, a nice long run!

OMG - 50 marathons in 50 days and in 50 states? That's gosh darn like unbelievable!