Friday, November 30, 2007

Race for a shirt?

As I picked up my race packet for tomorrow's half marathon, I spied the race shirt for next week's RDV Sportsplex Reindeer Run 5K. They were offering a long sleeve technical T-shirt for the first 1400 registrants - and they already had 1100 registered.

So when I got back to my office I went to the website and found the registration fee was a mere $20. I could get a nice technical T-shirt for less than just buying one off the shelf!

I did have a second motive - one of my goals this year was to break the 30 min barrier in a 5K. I didn't run very many 5K's this year - and the ones I ran I ran with my daughter. This is the last 5K (and race) of the year.

So I signed up for a cool shirt and a shot at a sub-30 min 5K!

Now to rest up for tomorrow's race!


PLANET3RRY said...

A technical Tshirt will almost always get me to sign up for a race if I can do it. We have a no-shirt option here at some of the knoxville races that if you don't get a shirt, you can take $5 off the entry fee... I do that if it's a cotton shirt.

Susan said...

I would do the same thing! And I bet you'll achiee your goal. Go 29:59 Chris!!!

Mike the PCRobot said...

I have gotten 2 long sleeve technical tshirts from my last two races, a 5K, and a 4.5 miler. I love wearing them both. And, like you said, it's cheaper to run the race than buy a shirt off the shelf!

Speaking as a one-time sub-30 min 5Ker, I know you can do it! My last 5K I was 7 seconds away from breaking 30 minutes again. My last race of the year is at the end of December, and I hope to break 30 minutes as well.

You can do it!