Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What's Next?

One major difference between completing my first marathon and completing MCM, is that after the first one was done, I felt kind of lost for a little bit - I had achieved the big what?

This time, the next race is just around the corner. The 2008 Walt Disney World Marathon is just a little over 9 weeks away. I even have the OUC Half Marathon in a little over 3 weeks as a tune up race. So I still have that training mindset.

So what is the strategy? My training plan going into these races was to take it easy for the 3 weeks following MCM - easing back into running as my body felt up to it. Then build to at least one 20+ miler before tapering again to Disney. I still have all that good MCM training under my belt - it is just a matter of maintaining it.

In consultation with my running coach, blogging buddy and fellow Dolphin Runner Shirley, she thought it was a sensible plan (ok, coming from someone who ran 21 marathons in 9 months...still). After the marathon I waited until Friday to take a 3 mile easy run that felt just great. On Sunday I ran 5 miles. This week I ran 4.5 miles on Tuesday at an easy feeling pace of just under 11 min/mile. My heartrate averaged 150 bpm, which is nice and low in my aerobic range. I am planning 5 on Friday and 8 on Sunday. Next week I am going to go for a tempo run or two. My hamstring has been a bit achy today - perhaps from the long flight. I brought my "Stick" along and used it on the flight (it was great!). I can probably help loosen up that hammy. The one I have is smaller than the smallest one they advertise on the web (I bought it at the marathon expo). It fits in my computer bag!

I would like to add two things to my training. One - I want to get my weight training going again. I think it helped me earlier this year until I got out of the habit this summer. I also want to continue to work tempo / pace. I don't believe I will improve over MCM by 41 min, but I am really going to go for breaking the 5 hour mark!! I am also hoping to improve on the half marathon time I set at MCM (2:29) when I do OUC.

So there you have it!


Petraruns said...

All sounds like an excellent plan! I'm very impressed that you're doing 2 so closely and will - as always - follow what's happening with great interest. I agree re. the weights - I've joined a gym now so there are no more excuses for me either, I'm going to do the same. Keep up the great work!

Susan said...

That is a great plan, girlfriend!

I like weight training myself. I have also let it go to the wayside... but I AM making myself do 50 calisthenics of some sort each night these days. That is something!

You are really going to be able to avoid the marathon blues this way!

ShirleyPerly said...

Believe me, it is a good plan, Chris, and not just on paper but also after having seen you in person the week after MCM. You were already feeling so good, mentally and physically, so soon after MCM, which is key for folks who run marathons close together.

Hopefully you'll have nice cool weather at OUC and Disney like you had at MCM. The weight training is a good idea (esp. core work) but usually not recommended during the week preceding a big race.

Maddy said...

I think it sounds like a good plan! I can't wait to see how you do at Disney. How exciting!

I have been planning on weight training too. It's just a matter of doing it. Especially the much needed core work.

PLANET3RRY said...

I agree that it's a good plan! It makes sense... you have built the long base mileage with MCM... now with that under your belt, you only have to keep that in maintenance while you build up your speed and strength.


lizzie lee said...

Chris, can't believe you were in Huntington Beach!!!!!! I would have loved to run with you (I am slower than you, so no worries). That stretch of beaches is a pretty place to run.

What about if we exchange our schedules from now on? I am leaving LB tomorrow 11/11 and going to DC on the 12th. Then no more travel until my vacation to Thailand, but next year, let's see if we can make it happen....

Take care, and thanks for your advice. I am leaving now for a 15-miler. I will know if things got better than last week.

lizzie lee