Friday, October 06, 2006

In loving memory of Nancy K. Bouwens

Tomorrow morning is the Susan Komen Race for the Cure 5K at Disney's Animal Kingdom park. And tomorrow I am doing something I have not yet done in any of the races I have run. I am dedicating this race to someone - to my mother-in-law, Nancy Bouwens, who left this world to be with her Lord on Nov. 28, 2001 after losing a lengthy battle to breast cancer.

As I paste her picture on an unused race number to pin to my back as I run, I begin to realize how much I miss her. She was a hard working woman, having raised 4 boys (and since my husband was one of them, I can understand why she spent so much time praying). The phrase that best describes her, at least to me, is that she was a woman of God. Her faith and love served and inspired all around her. Tomorrow, as I run 3.1 miles to help raise money for breast cancer research, I do it knowing that it would be the kind of thing she would be proud for me to do.

Although it has been nearly 5 years since she physically left us, it has not diminished the feeling of loss I have. I feel like she keeps watch over our family, and is certainly here with us in spirit. Still, I miss her.

As runners, we run for many different reasons. Tomorrow, I run for Nancy.

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Laura said...

Hi there Chris, This is Laura, we met today at the race.. It was a great day for me.. I greatly enjoyed it and I think I am hooked.
Thanks for the note.. Yes, I want to do the race in Dec. My time was 44 minutes today, not my best, but with the crowds, it was ok. What was yours? My email is ... See you in print soon.. Laura