Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Good morning!

One of the things I like about running in the morning is that I get to say "Good morning!" to every walker, runner and biker I pass along the way. I don't really know any of these folks, although many of them I see day after day. Saying hi to a runner is an acknowledgement that you are both part of a "club" of folks who roll out of bed early for a run. Even the bikers will say a quick hi. As I see the high school students with their headphones on, I say hi to them too. Who knows if I might be the only person to smile and say hi to them all day.

I ran without my headphones this morning and I was so much more part of my "journey." Although I will need them for my pacing on some of my training runs, it seems running without them is not such a bore after all!

4 miles today in 42:55 - a shorter, easy run since I am still sore after Sunday. Good morning, Orlando!!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Fabulous fabulous fabulous! I am quickly becoming addicted to your blog! I also prefer the early mornings. It's the ONLY way to do it!