Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Why do I run?

After that long run on Sun, my left calf has been pretty sore and the heel hurt pretty good that day. So, I took yesterday off. Calf hurt so bad when sitting and then starting to walk - enough to make me limp. It felt like muscles that aren't used to being used, vs an injury, so I nursed it for one day, hit it with Icy Hot and hit the treadmill at the office today for 3.1 miles. With just 2 one minute walking breaks at mile 1 and mile 2, I did pretty well, running a 10:00 to 10:30 pace. Finished in 32:33! A bit sore now but not too bad. Going to run again tomorrow - probably the treadmill which is a little more weather friendly during tropical storms.

Why do I run? I was listening to a podcast today that was discussing why folks run. I had a goal four years ago to run a 5K non-stop (mind you, I had never run that far without stopping). I trained with a run walk method which I still use today. Back then run 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds. Then run 1 min walk 30 sec, gradually extending the running piece to up to an hour! That first 5 K was a bit over 37 minutes.

But I am training for a marathon - which will involve over 5 hours of running and walking. Even for the seasoned runner, a marathon is the challenge of a lifetime. But why? Here is my list:

1. Because I can.

Lots of folks can't walk or run. I can do them both.

2. To achieve something extraordinary that I have never done before.

In the past year or so I began to identify goals, as far fetched as they might be, that I wanted to achieve. Something that takes some level of real effort and something that most folks don't do.

3. To get into a regular exercise routine.

With my busy lifestyle I needed the mental, emotional and physical release that running (or something) provides. This pushes me out the door at least 5 days a week now.

4. To do something just for me.

When that alarm clock goes off at 5:45 am, I only get out of bed for me - no one else is up. No one else benefits from a run but me.

5. Why not?

Sometimes the best reason for doing something like a marathon is for the benefits that we don't know about yet. I am certain I will learn some valuable things about myself and about going for a big goal.

My daughter liked reasons 2 and 5. I am glad she picked those out. Those are the best reasons I can think of right now!!!

Run on!

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