Sunday, August 27, 2006

Parrott Predictor says 5:02:54 for the marathon...

I am pretty wiped out from my 10 mile long run this morning. Rolling out of bed at 6:00 am, I pulled on the running clothes I laid out last night and packed my running belt with three small bottles of water, 2 gel paks, my license (in case someone finds me lying by the road), $5 (in case I need to stop somewhere) and my mace (in case anyone gets any ideas along the way). I sucked down one gel pak before leaving, put Icy Hot on my legs, and stretched a bit before leaving in the dark at 6:25 am. Returning at nearly 8:30, I completed my 10 mile run in just under 2 hours (1 hour, 59 min, 55 seconds - yes I sprinted that last 10th of a mile). I started out at a nice slow pace, so that being out of wind didn't really affect me until the last couple of miles. For the first time in quite some time, my legs ached a bit while I ran - meaning ice for them today. Now, as I sit here typing with one bag of ice under my heel and another under my left thigh, I feel pretty satisfied.

The Parrott predictor was created by a man named George Parrott who suggests that a runner can run no faster in a marathon than the fastest 26.2 miles run in a single week. To develop this number you find the fastest 26.2 miles in a week and add them up. Fortunately for me, my spreadsheet log calculates this for me. My accomplishment this week is that I actually completed more than 26.2 miles in a single week for the first time in my life!! In fact, I ran a total of 29 miles this week. Thus, the Parrott predictor figured 5:02:54 for my marathon. Now granted, if I ran a marathon next week, it would NOT be in 5:02. I haven't built up enough endurance for that yet....BUT it is good to know that I am on track for a time close to 5 hours - my target for the race.

Today I was listening to the podcast Phiddipedations. Steve Runner talks about a variety of topics on running while doing his weekly long runs. I got through 3 podcasts during my run, one of which was a race he was running on a very warm, humid day. It has been warm and humid running for me, so I could relate - though by getting out before the sun comes up, the temperature stays below 80 (though at 90% humidity). I was spared this morning by the clouds - so the morning sun did not have a chance to beat me down the last 3 miles like it normally would. Hopefully we will have the same fortune next Saturday for the Miracle Mile 15K race.

Well, time to kick back and relax for a bit before hitting the shower. If I am feeling up to it, I am hoping to get out for a shorter 4 miler tomorrow, though if my heel is still aching I may take a break tomorrow and run Tues-Thurs instead.

Til next time....

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