Saturday, June 06, 2009

Things You See When Running

With all the miles I have logged, I have seen a lot of interesting things. In my own neighborhood, things don't change much. But I did find this mailbox kind of interesting. Is this for short postal workers? I thought it was funny.

Running has been going much better over the past week or so. I was pretty burned out from life in general, and any attempt at running showed a starting heart rate of about 92 bpm. Tonight my heartrate was 78 bpm before my run with my daughter. That is the lowest starting heart rate I have seen in awhile. I know it may not seem like much, but I am excited.

We ran our 2 miles by running 1 min and walking 1 min. We finished in about 25 minutes and had a great talk along the way. We are training for her first 10K late this fall. I am looking forward to the miles ahead!

I hope to get a podcast out sometime this weekend - probably a mini-adventure. Next weekend my daughter is coming with me on a trip to San Diego. We will definitely have a podcast on that trip.

Congratulations to all the folks who ran San Diego last weekend!! You guys were AWESOME!!!! Makes me want to sign up for a marathon before Disney next January....but I must resist. Things are going to get busy when I start classes again in the fall. There will be plenty of training going on to prepare for the "Dopey" without introducing another marathon. Still, it is tempting... July's Runner's World features marathon training for fall races by 14 of their editorial staff. Great article.

Run Strong everyone!


Becca Runs Sometimes said...

Great post! And San Diego welcomes you with open arms :) Hopefully you will be able to get a beach run in while you are here. The weather has been glorious for running.

MarathonChris said...

Thanks! I hope to get down to Mission Beach to run along the board walk there. I got to do that one summer for a long run (all the way from La Jolla Cove) and it was great!

Looking forward to the much cooler and dryer weather there!

Susan said...

How very exciting for daughter #1. Wow!

I do look forward to your next show. And, as always, I admire your ability to balance everything and know when to say when.

Rural Runner E said...

It is wonderful to see you taking time out to run with your daughter. You are a great role model and your daughter is lucky to have such a caring mother.

ShirleyPerly said...

Funny mailbox, indeed!

Wise to stay away from a fall marathon with all you've got going on already with school. The 10K should be fun, though. Look forward to running in San Diego soon too!

chris mcpeake said...

Nice that you can run with family. Whats the deal with mail delivery there.. to funny

lizzie lee said...

How nice the preparation for your daughter's 10 K... Awesome!!!