Sunday, February 01, 2009

Where Has Chris Been?

Since Goofy several things have kept me away from the blogosphere....

1. I started graduate school. 2 classes have turned out to be a LOT of work! I am barely keeping up.

2. My mom was in the hospital - so I went to PA to see her. She is out and doing better now - but I spent an exhausting week chasing doctors, nurses and taking care of mom. I haven't caught up around home.

3. We bought not 1, but 2 new cars this past weekend. I am happy to have a new vehicle (2009 Malibu LTZ - Red!! Hubby got a Silver one) but I lost most of my weekend to this activity.

Then there is just the normal everyday stuff like a full time job, keeping up with my girls, etc.

Running has been difficult to fit in. I ran 4 miles on Thursday evening while the girls were at karate class. I then ran another 3.2 miles today with the family at the UCF track (that was fun!). I have been staying up getting up early to run, well, hasn't been happening for me.

Hope everyone is running well out there....I haven't had time to read many blogs but I think of you all the time!!


Susan said...

Best of luck with everything. If anyone can manage it all, it is YOU. You're great!

Maddy said...

Wow, you have been busy! Things will even out for you!

Glad to hear your mom is ou of the hospital. It's also good to hear that you were there for her. I think everyone needs an advocate when they're in the hospital.

Congrats on the new car. It sounds snazzy! And Jim got the same model?

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, car buying can be quite time consuming but I'll bet now is a good time to buy with all the incentives Chevy has been giving out.

Glad to hear your mom is OK and you're keeping up with school (barely). BTW, how did you get to run on the UCF track? I thought it was not public access.

Rural Runner E said...

Sorry to hear about your mother. Glad she is doing better. I am also very jealous of the new cars...congrats. She you out on the roads soon.

Irish Blue said...

Sounds pretty crazy Chris. I'm sorry to hear about your mom too. Hope she is recovering well.