Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Too Good to be True - I Seem to Have an Injury

After two great months of training and stepping up the mileage, I was amazed I was holding out so well.

Then I noticed a pain in my buttocks (yes a pain in my butt!) last week about 2 days after my 18 mile long run. I thought it was from sitting weird but after a few days it seemed to subside. It didn't bug me when I ran with it, so I just thought it was something else.

Well after this past week's 20 miler I experienced deja vu. The pain was back and I found myself limping around the office today. Monday was a rest day but I decided to give Tuesday a rest as well while I investigated.

I think I have figured out what I have: Piriformis syndrome This seems to match the location and type of pain I am experiencing. I also match the profile well for what would cause such an injury.

I am a bit ahead on my training so I can afford to lay off the running for a few days to give this a chance to heal up. R-I-C-E is the prescription.

On Friday I will take a short test run to see how it feels. I may have to wait on my Zenrun 10K and World Wide Half until next week.

Ah's a runner's life.


Susan said...

What a coincidence! I thought I had this about a month or so ago. Of course, I never knew if it was that or just some sciatic issues. A few PAINFUL days off thankfully cleared it up, whatever it was. I used a heating pad. Who knows if it helped - I think it was the rest that did it. Good luck!

ShirleyPerly said...

Dreaded pain in the butt! I had this a few years back and it took me a while to get over (6 months?), probably because I didn't back off on anything I was doing. Sitting was the worst, but I was still able to run and did MCM with it. Massaging the area using a tennis ball seemed to help. Hope yours goes away much sooner!!

Tammy said...

Hee hee a pain in the butt how funny, but I know that the pain can't be. I hope it gets better, never thought a tennis ball can work on so many parts of the body, great idea.

Rural Runner E said...

Sorry to hear about your Pain In The Butt. I have them often, only I call them students....hahahaha. Poor attempt at humor. Sorry to hear of your injury. Hope it turns around soon for you.

lizzie lee said...

Oh NO!!!! Take care of yourself, or your butt I'd say!!!! I hope everything is fine soon!!

lizzie lee said...

And I hope to see you in SoCal!!!!

lizzie lee said...

Chris, I was checking your PRs and almost got goosebumps:

I have done the half distance in 2:24, you in 2:20
My 10K is 1:02 yours 1:03
My 4-miler 40:48, your 5-miler 49:51 (pretty much the same pace)
My 5K 29:01, yours 29:28

Can I do a marathon at your pace and complete it in 5:06 improving my time in 49 minutes?

Alisa said...

I have this too. Whenever I get into higher mileage weeks (like 20 and above) I get this too. It doesn't help that I sit at a desk for work. The only thing that really helped was sitting on a tennis ball and really workin' it in. It hurts like A LOT in the moment but then feels much better.

Sorry to hear that you have this pain really is a pain in the BUTT!