Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back from the Abyss and Simply Stu Results

Sorry I disappeared there for a bit....I was working crazy hours and any time I had at home was sleeping or catching up with the family.

The work thing has concluded and things should be getting back to normal....whatever that is :-).

A short report on my Simply first ever attempt at a tri event of any kind.

First stage was the Winter Park 10K - details on the previous post. 10K in 1:03:57, a PR for me.

Second stage was the swim. I headed to the local pool, and with no training prep whatsoever decided to swim for 10 minutes - 300 yards in 10 minutes.

The third stage was the bike - and after struggling with finding a time and weather condition, I rode an exercise cycle at my workplace gym. 2 miles in about 10 minute I think...

So that is my brief report. I am on the road for the week - heading to Providence, RI for the first part of the week - a couple of days with my mom in PA in the middle of the week - then finishing at Ft. Monmouth, NJ before heading home late on Friday. I hope to be running with my iRiver!

Congratulations to those who completed the London Marathon!!! Well done!


Susan said...

Way to go, Chris! And EXCELLENT job with the videos -- great idea. I think your events were all three successful.

Good luck with your travels. Sounds like a busy week!

ShirleyPerly said...

Chris, congrats on completing the Simply Stu!!!

You had so much going on the past few weeks and even though the proposal is now over, it seems you're still on the go!

Safe travels and hope you get more time to relax.

Petraruns said...

Well tri'd Chris. Well done on top of doing it all - life's a tri at the moment right? Good to hear you're heading into calmer waters..

lizzie lee said...

Pretty cool report. Those videos catapult you as a famous sport athlete giving interviews to the press. I loved it. Definitely I will not join you guys on this stu thing as I dislike bicycle a LOT....

I hope you have another great week....

lizzie lee

IrishBlue said...

Congrats on the tri!

Wow, sounds like you're juggling a lot right now. Hope things do get back to normal for you soon. Have a safe trip.

Also, excellent PR. Woo-hoo!!!!